Welcome to Insomnia, a challenge site made by Ylenia, where you can find a way to improve yourself with a lot of different challenges: if you like colorizes, collages, blends, icons and manipulations, this is the place you're looking for!

Since: March 2009
Owner: Ylenia
Round: 11
Features: Angelina Jolie
Deadline: 04/03/2010

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Elle Blends
Love in Japan
Bite Me
Lose the Road
Endless Beauty Blends
Fingerprints Blends
Hall of Blends
Red Heaven
Hyphy Blends
Tropical Sundae
Feels Like Rain Blends
Blending - Love
Compromise Blends
High Maintenance
Touch of Tenuity
Fascinating Jensen
Under Passion's Spell
Erised Challenges

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